Leadership Team

Meet the team that leads Brightfind and our sister company, Ready North. Together we create end-to-end marketing and communications platforms based on strong technical foundations and a deep sense of the purpose that drives our customers.

Ready North and Brightfind combine full-funnel marketing, content strategy, and excellence in website design and development to build an unrivaled customer journey for our clients. 

Becky Breeden

Chief Executive Officer

Becky leads Brightfind and our sister company, Ready North to successful outcomes through great communication, engaged leadership, and proven methodologies. Becky inspires growth, efficiency, and collaboration to create strong operational processes that make Brightfind the perfect association partner.

Andrew Schwartz Crane

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew has over 25 years of experience in software development and digital transformation, of which the vast majority he spent leading cross-functional teams in AMS and e-Business implementations. Prior to joining Brightfind, Andrew ran his own association technology consultancy.

Ashish Gururani

Chief Technology Officer

Ashish sets and executes the technology vision at Brightfind and Ready North. He is responsible for making internal processes smoother while delivering quality solutions to our customers. In collaboration with business and technology leaders across the company, he explores emerging technologies, evaluates new concepts, and designs new strategies and solutions.

Ashley Sams

Director of Marketing and Communications

Ashley thrives in team environments where her creativity and imagination can run free. She leverages that sense of adventure and innovation to generate brand awareness and growth on behalf of Brightfind and Ready North, as well as for our clients.

Elizabeth Juran

Director of Operations

Elizabeth is focused on making Brightfind and Ready North function at our absolute best whether in our own operational excellence or through her work with our clients. Elizabeth loves optimizing both processes and relationships on behalf of Brightfind and Ready North. She is a marketing and communications professional who has embraced the value of strong organizational performance in meeting client needs. 

Shannen Laur

Director of Client Success

Shannen works with existing and new clients to ensure Brightfind and Ready North are perfectly aligned with our client’s goals and that we are anticipating and proactively meeting their needs. Shannen’s passion for learning and for communications makes her a successful marketer but also a fantastic strategist who can easily fly at a high level to meet clients’ long-term goals while designing services to meet their needs at a detailed level.

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