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Explore the 12 web elements you need to engage and convert users to members including clear branding, awesome search, SEO, accessibility, clean UX and more.

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Guest speaker, Bruce Rosenthal joins Frank Klassen to share how to use both creativity and data to establish exclusive online sponsorship packages. Who says you can’t increase sponsorship revenue during a pandemic?

Data lovers, we’ve found a new content intelligence tool for you. While Google Analytics tells you what pages your visitors are interested in, a new tool called Idio shows you what topics your constituents are engaging with. See how it works.

Discover how to use analytics, personalization, and purpose-built e-commerce solutions to enhance the online buying experience

Brightfind and Episerver teamed up to discuss how to give web visitors the relevancy they crave while still respecting their privacy.


An open source CMS may be vulnerable to security risks. Progress Sitefinity shares top security concerns and how you can address them.

ASAE interviews Brightfind CEO, Frank Klassen to learn how associations can design accessible websites.

Sitecore shares how to determine which CMS features you truly need to meet your website goals and objectives.

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If you are still reading (and unrelated to a Brightfind employee), we’re thrilled to have your undivided attention. Let us know how we can work together for better, stronger, more engaging digital experiences.

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