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Autism Speaks Canada

ASC & Samsung empower lives of individuals living with autism.

From concept to launch in only six weeks.

One in 66 children in Canada are currently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder—a fact that Autism Speaks Canada (ASC) and Samsung find concerning. So the non-profit organization and the multinational conglomerate joined forces to create a technology program designed to empower individuals living with autism. ASC asked Brightfind to build a responsive site to support this initiative, but the ask came with a warning. The deadline was tight. Very tight.  

Six weeks later the website launched and 500 families living with autism received complimentary Samsung Galaxy tablets and covers.
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Choosing a trusted partner.

With less than two months to launch, Autism Speaks Canada needed a trusted team. ASC chose Brightfind because the digital design and development agency expertly designed Autism Speak Canada’s Connect website, which provides the autism community with services, resources, and the ability to connect.

Esther Rhee, ASC’s national program director explained, We knew Brightfind would do a great job again. They immediately understood the concept. They just got it.

2,500 new members join Autism Speaks Canada.

ASC saw major membership growth within three weeks of launching the website. The new members now have access to the ASC Connect website, the single virtual location for individuals with autism, their families and caregivers, researchers, and beyond. Esther said, We wanted the Autism community to know that we feel they are a huge priority. Brightfind helped us help the families.

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