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Connex, formerly PRSM

Connex takes a listening approach.


It wasn’t serving our customers. Our online community was frustrated. It was a complete disaster. Web Content Manager, Lauren Culpepper, did not hold back when reminiscing about the association’s former website. While the website was redesigned fairly recently, it missed the mark. Now they were starting over and this time they knew exactly what to do—listen.
Understanding what constituents want and need out of the website was of the utmost importance for Connex, the leading multi-site facilities management association. That’s why we called Brightfind, Lauren explained. We were very adamant to work with a vendor with the experience and know-how of both building websites and delivering a fantastic customer experience.
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Mastering the impossible: An organization-wide consensus.

Brightfind began the project by talking with and listening to Connex staff about what they want and need out of the website. As Brightfind often sees, different departments had different goals and outlooks for the new website. To tackle this challenge, Brightfind helped Connex collaborate and look at its web strategy from a holistic perspective. An internal cross-divisional exercise enabled staff to staff to foster organization-wide consensus and buy-in on architecture decisions. Next up: listening to constituents.

Discovering what’s most important to constituents.

The website’s overwhelming amount of content coupled with the poor navigation made finding desired content a struggle. Brightfind conducted a card sort with constituents, which enabled web visitors to share how they think about and navigate content. Armed with this information Brightfind was able to design an information architecture that is intuitive to actual web visitors. Plus, the in-depth constituent interviews allowed for a deep dive into everything from what keeps constituents up at night to where they access Connex’s website (at a desk, a retail store floor, or even a ballgame) to how they want to consume information (infographics, content, videos, etc.).

Goodbye old content. Hello, intuitive navigation.

Brightfind also assisted Connex with a content audit, helping them delete hundreds of pages that, according to analytics, were not getting any traction.
Connex’s new digital presence is easy to navigate and optimized for mobile. Lauren explains, Our new site is now adept, robust, and easy to use. The layout is much more intuitive (thank you card sort!) and it’s completely consolidated. People aren’t calling to ask how to find things. Even though it’s new, it’s very obvious where to go to get the information they need.

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