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Institute for Supply Management

ISM uses Optimizely to integrate commerce with personalized content.

While small in numbers, Institute for Supply Management (ISM) staff is high in productivity. Unfortunately, its website did not showcase the value and importance of the work that ISM does. It didn’t allow its members, government officials, or industry professionals to easily self-serve or to quickly find information pertinent to the industry.

ISM engaged Brightfind to lead its digital transformation efforts in launching a more contemporary website that unified content and commerce, in ways that would better meet the needs of its constituents and stakeholders. 

In order for ISM to meet its strategic goals, a new Content Management System (CMS) was necessary. ISM needed a robust, fail-proof system that could be configured to publish content at a designated time, down to the millisecond. Twice a month, ISM publishes one of the most highly regarded reports that indicate the direction of the overall economy: ISM® Report On Business®. The federal government mandates release of the report at very specific times.

Highlighted Solutions
  • Digital Strategy
  • Design and User Experience
  • CMS Development
  • e-Commerce
Featured Platforms
  • Episerver
  • Personify360

Why Optimizely?

ISM chose Optimizely Content Cloud because of the security and reliability of its suite of products. It also allows for a truly integrated digital experience platform with unmatched flexibility, scalability, and configuration. Optimizely is the only platform that puts digital content, commerce, and marketing intuitively on one screen.

ISM continued using Personify ThreeSixty on the backend while upgrading to a completely customizable, user-friendly interface on the frontend. Optimizely’s personalization tools conveniently automate user-oriented content, meeting, and product recommendations to improve engagement and satisfaction. And for publishing, Commerce Cloud enables ISM to consistently release content at the appropriate time and under the scrutiny of leaders around the world.

Connecting Commerce and CMS

ISM’s e-commerce functionality was previously driven by the association management system (AMS). The organization wanted to give members, constituents, and web visitors a premium digital experience that integrated commerce and content.

ISM staff has been known to provide great customer service offline. Without picking up the phone, however, users couldn’t easily find information and conduct transactions. Brightfind helped ISM offer the same customer-friendly experience online, pleasing their end-users and giving ISM staff valuable time back in their day.

A full website redesign and rebuild were necessary to create a modern and engaging experience. From graphics to content, ISM’s new website instills trust and conveys credibility and value.

The CMS and e-commerce elements are all in one place, offering extensive cross-sell opportunities and a holistic, end-to-end digital environment.

Updates such as new information architecture, appropriately tagged content, better layouts, and improved scannability help users find what they need with ease.

Each ISM member has a personalized My Account Page to view all pertinent data such as certifications, meeting registrations, and membership status. An Action Item section enables web visitors to quickly see if they need to update credit card information or if certification or membership is about to expire. 

Important news and reports are also prominently listed. The front-and-center “popular links” provides visitors with quick access to the most requested information. Plus, the multi-faceted search guides web visitors to relevant content including articles, products, rich media, and PDFs.

ISM is now set up for success to reach its strategic goals with a platform that scales with the growth of the organization.

The ISM Story

ISM is defined by its 50,000+ members and 100 years of excellence in supply management across 100 countries. ISM is the first and largest not-for-profit professional supply management organization worldwide. For more than a century, ISM has impacted supply management and the purchasing profession through best-in-class education, certification, leadership development, and research.

The bi-monthly ISM® Report On Business® provides guidance to supply management professionals, economists, analysts, and government leaders. These global reports affect the stock market and are monitored by the White House and the Federal Reserve, so there is no room for error.

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