Video Transcript: Brightfind & Episerver Transform NACAC’s Website


My name is Kristen Garman I am the Senior Associate Director of Communications here at NACAC or the National Association for College Admission Counseling and I oversee NACAC’s digital communications efforts.
I’m Joe Brentzel the Executive Director of Information Management. I do all things technology at NACAC.
Delivering a great digital experience is important to NACAC members because our members are busy people. They have large caseloads; they service tons of students; they’re working with parents; they’re working with students; they’re working with colleagues; they’re working with principals and they need information quick and fast.
So some of the goals for this project were to create a clean user experience and also to strengthen NACAC’s brand. That’s one of the most important things to the association—making sure that people know who we are and where they can find us and when they get here we want them of course to love the information that we have on the website.
We ended up developing using personas to identify the key content that we needed for each audience type.  Once we developed those personas we did a content audit. Once our content audit was completed we lined up all of our site assets with the personas and brought it all together.
So showing the new website—it’s just exciting. It just looks beautiful, the photos the way things are laid out. It looks clean. It looks modern and it’s such a change from what we had before.
Some of the results of working with Brighfind and Episerver have been:

  • Visitors are now spending 55% more time on our website.
  • We’ve had an increase in returning visitors up by 2.4%.
  • Our bounce rate is down by 66.9%.
  • Visitors are looking at 65% more pages than they previously did on the old site.
Working with Brightfind has been fantastic. They are a leader in the association space in terms of their digital strategy and content and website redesign experience and I would definitely recommend them to anybody that’s looking to redesign their website.
I’d recommend Episerver to anyone who is looking for a content management system that is scalable intuitive and easy to use for staff.  
If I had to sum up in one sentence our digital transformation story I would say that NACAC has no more pain points anymore when it comes to the website.


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