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Salt Lake County

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The Salt Lake County (SLCo) Information Services Division provides information technology services to all County Government agencies and the citizens they serve. The division helps county government entities such as Animal Services, Economic Development, Library and Arts, Public Health, etc. provide residents and businesses with the services they need and value.
SLCo decided to upgrade its Content Management System from Ektron to the more modern platform, Episerver. This included transitioning more than 140 different microsites to the new system. Gulp. Because Brightfind is known for its Ektron to Episerver expertise, SLCo called in Brightfind to help.
While SLCo had internal development capabilities, they relied on Brightfind’s certified Episerver developers for functional, technical, and implementation guidance. Brightfind’s code development and detailed code reviews ensured consistent design and quality while fostering knowledge share between teams.  
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No Manual Entry Allowed

With Episerver best practices and upcoming product releases in mind, Brightfind developed a content migration plan to support the dynamic content conversion. Brightfind’s understanding of Episerver’s page type and block architecture allowed for optimizing and automating routines. Therefore, no manual entry was needed for transferring any of the content from Ektron to Episerver. Thorough scripts ensured that even complex items, such as each microsite’s separate smart forms, calendars, widgets, and media files, were successfully migrated. Plus, can now quickly aggregate different news feeds and blogs from different sub-sites. 
To ensure only relevant information made it to the new microsites, Brightfind helped SLCo clean up content areas that were dated or needed updating. 

Set Up for Success

The close collaboration between Brightfind’s Episerver subject matter experts and the SLCo development team was paramount. The partnership ensured success in building the right capabilities for SLCo’s specific needs.  Not only did this help with the initial implementation, but now SLCo is set up to grow and take advantage of Episerver’s robust capabilities—across all 140 microsites!

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