Brightfind is a digital agency specializing in creating top-notch digital experiences for associations and non-profits. They craft effective websites to solve business problems, boost revenue, and highlight brands. Starting in 1986 as Syscom Services, the company has grown into an award-winning agency with expertise in CMS implementations, CRM integrations, and web design. 

Brightfind in 10 words or less.

Brightfind is a specialized digital design and web development agency. 

What does Brightfind do?

Brightfind creates outstanding digital experiences for associations and non-profits. We create hard-working websites designed to solve business problems, increase revenue, streamline internal processes, and showcase your brand. We ensure it’s the website your constituents turn to first. Want the nitty-gritty on our services? Cruise on over to our solutions page.

Who are we?

Brightfinders are hardworking, creative, and passionate about creating outstanding digital experiences. We understand highly technical concepts and have the unique ability to translate them into plain language for non-technical users. Brightfinders love to share, but also value listening: to our clients, to our client’s web visitors, to our partners, and to each other. If we weren’t so humble, we’d share how funny we are—and how good looking. Meet our leadership team.

How did we begin?

Brightfind began in 1986 as Syscom Services, an e-communications company. In retrospect, we probably should have reconsidered our name—and our tight-rolled jeans. As time evolved and websites became more mainstream the company grew into a well-respected design and technology partner. In 2015, Syscom Services purchased Personify Interactive and rebranded into what we now know as Brightfind to refresh its look and highlight its vibrancy.

With decades of experience in CMS implementations, AMS/CRM integrations, and website design Brightfind still holds true to some of Syscom’s original values (form great partnerships, respect clients and each other), yet has grown into an award-winning digital agency serving mission-driven clients around the world.  

How can I work at Brightfind?

We’re glad you asked. Learn more about becoming a Brightfinder on our careers page.

Let's Work Together.

If you are still reading (and unrelated to a Brightfind employee), we’re thrilled to have your undivided attention. Let us know how we can work together for better, stronger, more engaging digital experiences.

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