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We create outstanding member experiences using modern design, best-in-class personalization, and seamless integrations.

Why work with us?

Happy members – your members will want to spend more time on your website, engaging with personalized content in a digital space built to meet their needs.

More efficient staff – your team will spend less time resolving issues related to your website and more time enhancing the member experience.

Better bottom line – your new website will create opportunities to drive dues and non-dues revenue with a seamless e-commerce experience.

Show off your brand – your association will be the star of the show with a beautifully designed online presence that fosters trust and reflects your brand’s unique voice.

A Match Made In Heaven

Ready North and Brightfind, both part of the Blue Cypress family of companies, are integrating our services and leadership to bring full-funnel communication strategy and execution to the market. We combine user experience and technical excellence with content strategy and marketing expertise to build seamless, engaging customer journeys.

Case Studies

Case Study

Society of Hospital Medicine

A new website inspires hospitalists to universally improve patient care.

Case Study

American Animal Hospital Association

Brightfind turns AAHA’s websites into veterinarians’ new best friend.

Case Study

Autism Speaks Canada

Autism Speaks Canada & Samsung empower lives of individuals living with autism.

ASTHO--A Heroic Association

Brightfind’s VP of Customer Engagement, Megan McKelvy, talked with ASTHO’s Director, Web Services, IT, Heidi Satter about how ASTHO is helping frontline workers navigate the pandemic while keeping up with their “day jobs”.

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If you are still reading (and unrelated to a Brightfind employee), we’re thrilled to have your undivided attention. Let us know how we can work together for better, stronger, more engaging digital experiences.

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