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Brightfind Delivers Measurable Results for the Society of Hospital Medicine

Society of Hospital Medicine Website Redesign and CMS Implementation
  • Web Design & Development
  • User Experience (UX) Optimization
  • CMS Implementation
  • System Integration
Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM)
  • Increased User Engagement: 78% growth in page views and 192% increase in website entrances
  • Increased Visibility: More hospitalists discovering SHM's resources (50% growth in unique page views)
  • Streamlined User Experience
  • Enhanced Content Management

Who is SHM?

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) is a leading organization representing the field of hospital medicine. SHM is dedicated to supporting the professional and personal lives of hospitalists, promoting excellence in patient care, and fostering innovation in the healthcare delivery system.


Website Woes

However, their website, the crucial online gateway to the hospitalist community, wasn't keeping pace with SHM's dynamism. The existing website presented several challenges that hindered user engagement and efficient communication:

  • Static Content: The website lacked the vibrancy and energy that reflects the fast-paced nature of hospital medicine. Static content failed to capture the real-life experiences and needs of hospitalists.
  • Cumbersome Navigation: Finding relevant information was a frustrating obstacle course. Unintuitive navigation made it difficult for hospitalists to access valuable resources quickly and efficiently.
  • Content Management Struggles: Updating the website was a time-consuming process requiring IT intervention. This limited SHM's ability to keep the content fresh and relevant.
shm hospitalists
A Collaborative Approach

Building a Website for the Future

SHM partnered with Brightfind to transform their online presence and create a website that truly served their vibrant community. We embarked on a collaborative journey, focusing on user needs and achieving SHM's strategic goals.

What We Did to Empower SHM's Digital Vision

  • Dynamic Web Design & Development: We crafted a visually captivating website that reflects the energy and innovation of hospital medicine. The design incorporates powerful visuals and engaging storytelling to resonate with hospitalists.
  • User-Centric Design (UX) Optimization: Intuitive navigation and a well-defined information architecture were prioritized. Now, hospitalists can find the information they need quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time.
  • Empowering Content Management: We implemented a user-friendly CMS, giving SHM's marketing team the autonomy to create, edit, and update website content without relying on IT support.
  • Seamless System Integration: The new website seamlessly integrates with SHM's existing Association Management System (AMS). This ensures a unified data flow and allows for personalized communication with hospitalists.
The Results

A Website that Delivers Measurable Impact

The redesigned website has become a thriving hub for the hospitalist community, delivering significant results.
78% growth in page views
192% increase in entrances
50% growth in unique page views

And beyond the metrics, the new site helped achieve:

  • Streamlined User Experience: Hospitalists can now find the information they need quickly and easily thanks to the improved navigation and information architecture. This translates to a more efficient and productive online experience.
  • Empowered Marketing Team: The user-friendly CMS empowers the marketing team to manage the website independently, fostering greater agility and content creation.
  • Personalized Communication: Integration with the AMS allows for personalized content delivery, catering to the specific needs of each hospitalist member.
  • Enhanced Visibility: A 50% growth in unique page views demonstrates that more hospitalists are discovering the valuable resources SHM offers.


The new SHM website is a shining example of how strategic design, user-centric thinking, and powerful technology can transform an online presence. This thriving hub empowers SHM to connect with hospitalists at a deeper level, support their vital work, and continue to advance the field of hospital medicine.

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